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Conference sponsorship options

The 6SFM Organizing Committee greatly appreciates any financial support for the planned conference. Becoming a sponsor/exhibitor during this scientific event allows you to promote and demonstrate your products and services to international silicon chemistry and technology specialists.


We warmly encourage you to consider collaboration. Please contact us for further information so we can tailor the offer to your needs.

Instructions for the Sponsors

[1] Please complete the registration form (individually for each delegate) on the Registration subpage.

[2] Choose the type of sponsor activity:

  • Brown Sponsor: 1000 EUR [4400 PLN]

  • Silver Sponsor: 1500 EUR [6600 PLN]

  • Gold Sponsor: 2500 EUR [11000 PLN]

The details for the sponsorship are provided in the documents below:

[3] Please make a payment according to the instructions given below. In the transfer title, please provide the first and last name, company name, sub-account number /KN000992/, and the type of sponsor activity (Brown, Silver, Gold).

Payment details for foreign Sponsors
Payee: Adam Mickiewicz University 
Address: H. Wieniawskiego 1, 61-712 Poznan, Poland 
VAT no: PL7770006350 

Bank: Santander Bank Polska S.A. 
Address: Plac Wolności 15, 60-967 Poznan, Poland 
IBAN: PL77 1090 1362 00
00 0000 3601 7903 

Payment details for Polish Sponsors

Santander Bank Polska S.A. 77 1090 1362 0000 0000 3601 7903

The registration is final after making the payment.

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