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The 6SFM Symposium will offer attendees workshops focusing on students and doctoral candidates. These workshops aim to demonstrate the practical potential of organosilicon compounds and their applications in various functional materials. Two types of workshops are scheduled:​​

  • 3D Printing Technologies: participants will be introduced to processing techniques and will compare traditional methods (extrusion, injection molding) with innovative additive techniques (3D printing). The FDM technology will be discussed, including printing with thermoplastics, commonly used polymers, and challenges associated with 3D printing. Basic methods for plastic characterization will also be covered. Participants will have the opportunity to carry out the FDM printing process themselves under the supervision of LPT staff.

  • Silsesquioxanes for Industry: The workshops will focus on applying silsesquioxanes in various fields, including cosmetics, plastics processing, paint and coatings, resins, and automotive.

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The Laboratory of Technological Processes, located at the Center for Advanced Technologies, organizes the workshops. LTP CAT AMU (led by Prof. Robert Przekop) boasts state-of-the-art equipment for processing and characterizing synthetic and functional materials. It is one of the best-equipped laboratories in Poland.

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