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Abstracts should be sent to the conference email inbox:


The abstract template can be found in the Submissions section.

Please register and submit abstracts simultaneously to facilitate

data processing and confirmation of your submissions.


See the Submissions menu for detailed technical information regarding Short Lectures and Posters.

  • 300 EUR [1320 PLN] — regular fee

  • 350 EUR [1540 PLN] — regular fee + participation in the workshop

  • 200 EUR [880 PLN] — PhD student/student

  • 250 EUR [1100 PLN] — Ph.D. student/student + participation in the workshop

  • 250 EUR [1100 PLN]SPECIAL OFFER (regular fee without banquet)

  • 150 EUR [660 PLN]SPECIAL OFFER (Ph.D. student/student without banquet)

  • 50 EUR [220 PLN] — PROMO OFFER (Ph.D. student/student): 1 day of Symposium
    (July 9)
    — posters sessions & lectures only!

The conference fee in PLN is calculated according to the statistics of the average exchange rate of the EUR from the last three months (according to NPB); 1 EUR ~ 4.40 PLN.

Conference fees

84184515_Grilled chicken breast with mas

Lunches, banquet and excursion are included in the fees 😋

In case of any questions regarding payments and related issues, please contact us via email at

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